How it works

Choose from thousands of departures from cities all over the UK: it’s easy, reliable and less than half the price of trains, even last minute!

  1. 2. Get in touch

    Click on Contact Driver button and then contact your driver via phone or private message to book your seat with them.

    If you send a private message, BlaBlaCar will immediately notify the driver of your message via SMS. This is a free service.

  2. 3. Travel together

    Be at the planned meeting point on time! Remember to bring exact change so you can pay your driver the agreed contribution during your trip.

    After travelling together leave a rating for your driver, they will return the favour and it will boost your Experience Level. Drivers prefer travelling with passengers who have a high Experience level.

Rent your empty seats to trusted passengers when you drive long distances, it’s money-saving and enjoyable!

  1. 1. Offer Your Ride Online

    Just indicate your schedule, then fill in the date and time of your departure and the price per passenger.

    BlaBlaCar automatically suggests a fair, mileage-based price per passenger for you.

  2. 2. Your Passengers Contact You

    Passengers will contact you to confirm ride details either by phone or private message. If they send a private message we will notify you immediately by SMS.

    It’s also helpful to give your passengers a call the day before your departure to go over your ride details.

  3. 3. Travel Together

    Be at your planned meeting point on time. Should you be delayed, send a quick message letting your passengers know. You can easily recognise your passengers thanks to their member profile picture.

    Add a photo of your car to your own profile: it'll help your passengers find you at the meeting point.

  4. 4. Your Passengers Pay You

    Your passengers will pay you the agreed contribution during the journey. It might be useful to have a bit of change on you.

    After travelling together leave a rating for your co-travellers. They will return the favour and it will boost your Experience Level, helping you to find more co-travellers in future!