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Carpooling takes the trek out of the journey.

Where do you want to drive to?

Let’s make this the least expensive journey you’ve ever made.

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3 things you'll love about BlaBlaCar

  1. Choice.

    We go everywhere. Literally thousands of destinations. No station required.

  2. Community.

    We take the time to get to know our members. All profiles and ratings are checked. IDs are properly verified. So you know who you’re travelling with.

  3. Covered.

    Really? Free as in nothing to pay? You’ve got it. We partner with AXA. So your ride’s covered from start to finish, absolutely free of charge. Find out more.

Go literally anywhere.
From anywhere.

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  1. Smart

    With access to millions of journeys, you can quickly find people nearby travelling your way.

  2. Simple

    Select who you want to travel with.

  3. Seamless

    Get to your exact destination, without the hassle. Carpooling cuts out transfers, queues and the waiting around the station time.