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Good conduct charter

1. Good Conduct Charter

By using the Site for car sharing you agree to comply with the "Good Car sharing Conduct Charter" set out below. This Charter is binding on all Members and Members may enforce terms of this Charter against each other directly.

2. Car share Trip:

The Driver agrees that they will only publish Trips on the Site that correspond to trips that the Driver actually intends to make. Information relating to the Costs Contribution, the itinerary (including the departure and arrival points), the presence or tolerance of animals, the presence or tolerance of smokers and music in the car, and more generally all information about the logistics of the Trip, comfort or other preferences must be supplied by Members to each other.

All Members are responsible for ensuring that any information provided is accurate and for ensuring that they comply with any terms agreed with each other. BlaBlaCar is not responsible for the accuracy of any such information or for compliance by Members of any terms agreed between Members.

The Driver undertakes to carry out the Trip that they publish or for which bookings are taken and agree to travel with any Passenger with whom they have made a commitment.



Every Driver undertakes not to take any risks while driving and not to consume any alcohol, drugs (whether recreational or prescription) which may impair or alter their ability to drive safely and with due care and attention. The Passenger shall not hinder the Driver's driving in any way.

Please be careful even when providing information via the Site or directly to Members. You will not know the identity of those you deal with through the Site.BlaBlaCar does not take steps to verify the identity of any Members.

You should not provide financial information directly to Members.

Please report any abuse or harassment to BlaBlaCar immediately by contacting us on //www.blablacar.com/contact  If you are not sure whether you should report the abuse then please do so.

When Members have agreed a car share BlaBlaCar recommends that Members meet in a populated public area, for instance a public car park.BlaBlaCar recommends that Members take a mobile phone.

Members should consider whether it is appropriate to let a friend or relative know about a car sharing Trip including details of where car share starts, the destination and the vehicle. Members may wish to text a friend or relative with the name and or photograph of the other Members with whom they are car sharing and (if the Member is a Passenger) the registration number of the vehicle. Members should inform the other Members if they are planning to do this and whether they plan to ‘check-in’ with a friend or relative. Members should always check the identity of the other Members with whom they are car sharing before commencing the car share.

Members will not object or be offended by any other Member taking reasonable steps for their own security and safety including those outlined above.


4. Transparency:

All Members agree to provide any other Member with such information and documents as the other Member may reasonably request in the event that Members are participating in a car share.

For the Driver, this information includes (but is not limited to) the vehicle registration certificate ("log book"), certificate of insurance, MOT certificate and driving licence. For a Passenger who has agreed to drive, this includes their driving licence and Members may in all cases be required to verify their identity to other Members (e.g. by providing a passport).

The identities of the Passenger and the Driver must correspond to those communicated to BlaBlaCar and as agreed between the Passenger and the Driver. A Passenger or Driver may refuse to participate in a car share if the identity of the other Member does not correspond to

BlaBlaCar also reminds Members that the Site may not be used for any commercial or professional purpose.


5. Costs:

The Passenger or Passengers agree contribute to the costs in accordance with the amount agreed with the Driver. The Driver agrees that the Costs Contribution reflects a genuine contribution towards the Driver’s costs and that the Driver is not making a profit from any transaction with other Members.


6. Punctuality:

All Members agree to comply with and adhere to the times and places fixed for departure. The Driver and Passenger must present themselves at the place and time agreed for the pickup. After a tolerance period of 30 minutes after the scheduled departure time, the person who fails to attend is responsible for a cancellation and the cancellation policy applies (please see the Conditions).


7. Rules and Legislation:

The Driver agrees that they and the vehicle will at all times comply in full with the Highway Code and any other applicable rules and legislation relating to their driving and the vehicle including speed limits and loading restrictions.

All Members agree not to carry or transport any substance, material or object which is illegal, dangerous, offensive or anti-social during a Trip.


8. Cleanliness:

Every Member undertakes that they will be clean and tidy at departure and during a Trip so as not to offend or inconvenience any other Members.


9. Comfort and conditions:

Members must agree with each other the following conditions prior to the Trip and these conditions will form part of the agreement between Members: the amount of the Costs Contribution, the departure times, the permitted amount of luggage, the number of people travelling, whether smoking is permitted, whether animals are permitted (and if so which animals), whether there will be music in the car (and how music will be selected), the pickup and set down point.


10. Information published on the Site:

No user of the Site may publish on the Site any defamatory or offensive information or information that may be damaging to third parties. BlaBlaCar shall remove any information that is contrary to this policy as soon as it becomes aware thereof (but BlaBlaCar does not actively monitor the site for such information. Drivers and Passengers accept in advance that ratings about them may be published on the Site. They also accept that their level of experience will be calculated and published in accordance with the criteria stipulated by BlaBlaCar.

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