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More Trees, Less Cars for Christmas

This Christmas, BlaBlaCar has teamed up with Trees for Life to work together towards a better, greener world, with more trees in our forests and less cars on our roads.  

By car sharing our community is already helping make the world a better place, reducing congestion on our roads and making road transport more sustainable. And, for Christmas, we wanted to do something extra special with our community....

Make a video about your car share and BlaBlaCar will donate £10 to plant trees in the Scottish Highlands. 

Here’s how it works:

1. Share a ride

After sharing a ride on BlaBlaCar, as a passenger or a driver, don’t forget to leave a rating for your co-traveller(s). This is how the community knows that you travelled together and that your member profile is trustworthy.

2. Post a quick video on YouTube about your car share

Something basic you did with your smart phone is just fine, filmed during or after the car share. It should include: date of travel, departure point, arrival point, who you travelled with, a couple of details about the journey and why you think car sharing is a good idea.

3. BlaBlaCar donates a tenner to Trees for Life

Send an email to plantatree@blablacar.com with the subject line “A tenner for Trees for Life” before the end of January.

The email should include: your name, the name of the members that you travelled with and left a rating for (see point 1) and the link to your YouTube video.

...and for less cars on our roads, click below to plan your next car share!

Offer a ride                           Find a ride

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