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5 useful sites to save you money everyday

With BlaBlaCar you save on travel by sharing a ride, but sharing also works magic for other expenses... As budgets get tighter, smart people everywhere are finding clever ways to do more with less. And it's not just saving us money, it's also carbon neutral, and—the cherry on the thrifty cake—it's super fun!

1. STREETBANK: Unlock the riches in your street

Unlock the riches in your street

Streetbank allows you and the people on your street to give, or graciously lend, stuff to each other really easily. It's like one giant, online, community garden shed and DVD collection... Think about it: if they’ve got a stepladder two doors down, it’s much better to borrow theirs than buy another one, right?

If you're in London on the 20th September, don't miss the Streetbank Bring a Thing event, in Hammersmith, as part of the national Waste Less, Live More week. It's free of course, all you have to do is bring at least one nice thing to swap. You can bring a friend too, they promise not to make you give them away!

2. SWISHING: Nice girls don’t shop, they swish 

Nice girls don’t shop, they swish

Swishing party is an eco-fabulous, budget-friendly, fashion event. Lovely clothes that once lurked, unloved in wardrobes are brought together in one place for one day, so new girls can give them a good home. You can come with a sweater and leave with two pairs of shoes or swish a frock for some skinny jeans. There are no wallets and a lot of happy squeals!

Another tip for lucky Londoners: the Style Me Silly party on Saturday 22nd September at Bethenal Green.

3. DITTO: Recycle your way to a lighter life

Recycle your way to a lighter life

Ditto does person to person reuse of household stuff. That means that rather than having unused things gather dust at home, you can offer to give them to anyone who comes to pick them up. It also means that when it's your turn to need/want something, you might just be able to pick it up for free too! And you can even use Ditto with a nifty iPhone app (also free!).



4. ECOMODO: Rent, Don't buy

Rent, don’t buy

Ecomodo is a UK-wide person to person rental community. Lenders are able to take a small deposit so they know their bass guitar (sewing machine, video camera, car bike rack...) will be taken good care of. And they can even choose to donate their proceeds to charity. That’s why there’s such an incredible array of cool stuff that regular people will rent to you, often for only a couple of pounds.


5. READ IT SWAP IT: Like they say!

Read it swap it

The Read It Swap It site lets you do just that:swap the books you've read for other ones you haven't. And because books are handy little things, the swaps happen through the post. Yesterday, the site had 350,838 books available for swapping. Your next great read awaits!

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