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Save money on travel.

By travelling together, members share the cost of their trips. With BlaBlaCar, drivers offset their motoring costs and passengers save money on transport.

Meet people going your way.

Car sharing is social and fun. You’ll meet great people like you, and have interesting conversations along the way.

Go green.

63% of cars on the road carry no passengers, creating congestion & pollution. Car sharing makes driving more efficient and sustainable by filling empty seats.

Your peace of mind
is crucial to us.
In fact, it’s our job.

Insurance information.

All members of the Association of British Insurers have agreed that if passengers contribute to costs, without making a profit, your insurance cover is not affected, as long as rides are given in a vehicle seating eight passengers or less. BlaBlaCar fully complies with these requirements and calculates prices following HM Revenue & Customs Approved Mileage Payment Allowance.

A trusted community.

We create a secure service by making sure that all members are acting under real identities. Every time members meet in real life they rate each other, allowing them to build up a trusted reputation in the BlaBlaCar community.

Your privacy.

BlaBlaCar needs your phone number and email to help you get in touch with members to plan a car share. But your confidentiality will be totally respected: you can enable the Hidden Number Option and hide your number. Our internal messaging service will also allow you to email members without ever disclosing your email address to them.

Member Relations team.

Providing the right environment ensures that member interaction is always considerate and responsible. That’s why all published content is moderated. And if you ever need us, the Member Relations team is available every day of the week to help you get the best out of BlaBlaCar.