Frequently Asked Questions

Have you witnessed behaviour that goes against the charter?

BlaBlaCar is a community of several million members that we need to regulate, supervise and monitor constantly. Even after all of the help from our advanced verification and automatisation tools, nothing can replace an individual’s time and experience navigating the site.

Since the members are the people using the site – constantly checking available rides in the search results and exchanging directly with other members, you will be the first to notice something wrong or flag an issue.

Your help is precious to us and we count on you every day to let us know when you have witnessed abnormal or improper behaviour on the site. We encourage our members to contribute to the proper function of the website so that rideshares continue to work as well as we all know they can.

Please do not hesitate to let us know about any suspicious behaviour:

-        There is a small flag on every profile and ride offer that when clicked on allows you to let us know of any strange behaviour.

-        You can also keep us informed of any report you would like to make by contacting us directly.

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