Frequently Asked Questions

How do I change the language or currency on the app? (Android)

In order to change the language on your Android app to English, please follow these steps:

In your settings:

  1. Activate location (Location Services > Location & Security (for Location Services) > Use Wireless Networks: check the "Location and Google search" box

  2. Clear BlaBlaCar app data: (Applications > Manage applications > BlaBlaCar > Clear Data)

  3. Open the app and select United Kingdom as the country

If you are not in the country corresponding to the language you would like to have on your app, you need to replace step 1 (above) with the following:

  1. Deactivate location (Location Services >Location & Security (for Location Services) > Use Wireless Networks: uncheck the "Location and Google search" box

Important! When the mobile app is saved in English, the default currency is British Pounds (GBP) and cannot be changed independently from the language.

Should this process not work for you, we invite you to use our mobile site: https://m.blablacar.co.uk for United Kingdom, https://m.blablacar.de for Germany, etc.


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