Frequently Asked Questions

What are the steps involved in offering a ride?

Offering a ride on BlaBlaCar is really easy!

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Publish your ride by clicking on Offer a Ride.

You then give the details of your ride, as follows:

Step 1 → Your itinerary

·       Choose the departure and arrival cities, giving precise pick-up and drop-off points.

·       Indicate whether or not you'll take motorways.

·       Add any stopovers.

·       Indicate whether you'll be doing a return trip.

·       Give the date and time of departure.

Step 2 → Your offer

·       Choose a price per passenger for your ride, and of any smaller portions of your ride (if you've offered any stopovers).

·       Indicate the number of seats offered.

·       Enter your ride details, remembering to give as much information about your ride as possible for your potential passengers.

·       Indicate your preferences: luggage size, how flexible your departure time is, whether you're willing to make a detour.

Step 3: Confirmation

·       Choose the booking mode: Automatic or Manual Approval?

·       Submit your ride offer and it will be published immediately!

You can see your route right away on the interactive map, and check it's correct.

Once validated, your ride is visible to all members. They can therefore book a seat or make a booking request if they're interested.

Offer a ride now!

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