Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do if I do not have the booking code or it is incorrect?

Don’t worry!

There are several other ways for you to receive your payment:

  • Your passenger can confirm themselves that this ride has taken place on their BlaBlaCar profile (all they need to do is go to their booking and click on “I travelled with…”.

  • You can get back in touch with your passenger after they have consulted their email, SMS, or BlaBlaCar profile so that they can give you the code

  • You can also wait for your payment to arrive automatically 7 days after your ride has taken place.

The quickest way for you to receive payment is by entering your passenger’s booking code into your account after your ride has taken place.

If you realise you have been given an incorrect booking code, you can contact our Member Relations Team who will assist you with this issue.

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