Ladies only

For many women, carpooling can raise concerns about security, and although BlaBlaCar has a number of safety features that create a secure and trusted community, it may happen that some women still don't feel comfortable sharing a ride with another male member. That's why BlaBlaCar created Ladies Only, to allow members to plan a ride where the driver and all passengers are women. It's a great way for women to feel even safer, and we've found that it's especially appreciated the first time our female members travel with the BlaBlaCar community.

Finding a ride

If you're a female passenger looking for a ride and you'd prefer to travel with a female driver, just log in and look for rides on the route you want to travel. You can then select the “Ladies Only” filter (only visible for members who are logged in). You'll then see all the Ladies Only rides offered by female drivers.

Offering a ride

If you're a female driver with empty seats, you can offer a ride for female members only - your ride will then only be available to women. You can see on the ride offer if a ride is Ladies Only.

Driving anywhere soon?

Offer a Ladies Only ride now!