Member Ratings

What are member ratings?

Member ratings are feedback exchanged between members of the BlaBlaCar community. Good ratings show that members are trustworthy and recommended by the community. When you have good ratings other members will want to travel with you, making it easier to organise your ride.

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How to exchange ratings

You can exchange ratings with members when you've been in touch with them on BlaBlaCar.

If you leave a rating first, the other member won't see the rating you leave them until they've left one for you. This means you can feel confident about giving an honest opinion.

The other member will then have 14 days to leave you a rating in return. Both ratings will be published once they've done so, or after the 14 days are up.

If another member leaves you a rating first, you'll be notified that you've received a rating and be asked to leave one in return.

Once you've done so, you'll then see the rating they left for you, and both ratings will be published on your respective profiles

1. Indicate whether the member was a driver, passenger, or if you did not travel together.

2. Choose from the list to rate your experience.

3. Leave a comment, briefly describing your experience in your own words and whether you recommend carpooling with this member to others. You can preview your rating before submitting.

Some examples of ratings:

  • Outstanding  - an exceptional experience! The journey was very comfortable, they were very trustworthy and reliable, or perhaps, if they were the car owner, they were willing to drop you off near your home.
  • Excellent  - they were reliable, you felt comfortable and you had a very pleasant experience.
  • Good  - they were on time and it was an overall positive experience.
  • Poor  - the experience was not great and you would not recommend it.
  • Very Disappointing  - the member was unpleasant, never showed up or didn't contact you.

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Anonymous driving evaluations

If you're rating a driver, you can also anonymously evaluate their driving skills. This feedback will not be directly visible to them. After several anonymous driving evaluations, an average will be displayed on their profile. This extra level of feedback is very useful in ensuring the trust, safety and reliability of carpooling on BlaBlaCar.

So, what are you waiting for?

If you have travelled with BlaBlaCar, exchange ratings now and grow your trusted reputation! Tell the community about your experience with another member and get feedback from them too - 75% of members who leave a rating get a rating in return. This also increases your Experience Level, helping to build your trusted reputation even further!

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